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Join our exclusive group consultations and evolve your therapy business into a flourishing group practice.

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You'll receive  expert guidance

Led by Jennine Estes Powell, with decades of experience in building successful therapy practices.

Your peers are there to support you

Collaborate, share, and grow with a network of peers facing similar challenges and opportunities.

Get practical tools and strategies

Gain actionable insights on managing staff, analyzing data, and making informed decisions.

Emotional support and community

Navigate the emotional landscape of transitioning to an employer with ease and confidence.

As soon as you hire your first employee, everything changes.

This is the crash course you need to start and stay strong. This is an invaluable opportunity to explore practical strategies, overcome common hurdles, and leverage collective wisdom in a supportive environment.
These 1-hour group consultation series are designed specifically for therapists like you: ambitious and ready to take the next step to build or enhance their group practices.

Each session costs just $60, with a minimum commitment of six months, ensuring focused progress and continuous support. Meetings are scheduled for the first Friday of each month, limiting group size to 7 members to maintain a personalized and intensive experience.
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$60 Per Session
7 max People Per Group
6 mo Minimum Commitment

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Meet Jennine Estes Powell, LMFT

Jennine has run a thriving private therapy practice for over 18 years. Her dedication to her clients and her staff is matched by her passion for helping fellow mental health professionals build a successful business they love.

Through her speaking events, private practice support groups, and individual consultations, Jennine teaches and motivates hundreds of clinicians, inspiring them to believe they have the skills and smarts to grow their businesses. Jennine’s approach focuses on detailed action steps, practical advice, and valuable insights that directly translate into achieving goals and gaining confidence. Working hand in hand with Jennine, you’ll know that you can really do this, and do it well.

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