One-on-One Coaching for Therapy Private Practice Success

Are you starting your private practice and feeling unsure where to begin? Or perhaps you're considering expanding with associates and want to ensure you're on the right track? Jennine Estes Powell is here to guide you in building a successful practice that suits your goals, without breaking the bank.

This is exactly what you need to super-charge your practice today.

Personalized Expert Guidance

Personalized guidance tailored to your specific needs and aspirations

Insights and Strategies

Real-world strategies and insights based on 20 years in the industry

Day-1 Tools and Resources

Immediate access to dozens of game-changing, time-saving tools

Focus on Actionable Results

Sessions designed to deliver attainable, actionable results

You don't know what you don't know, so learn from someone who does.

Are you just starting a new private practice and don't know where to focus your energy to be most effective? Or maybe you've already started your therapy private practice and can't seem to get ahead?
Jennine Estes Powell is the key to unlock your therapy private practice's full potential FAST.
With over 20 years of experience in private practice, Jennine Estes Powell has a proven track record of turning doubters into believers. She successfully built a full-time, cash-paying private practice within just 6 months and went on to establish a thriving group practice in a competitive market like San Diego, attracting cash-paying clients without relying on insurance.
Each in-person or remote 50-minute session costs $200, and can be scheduled based on your availability.
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$200 Per Session
1-on-1 Dedicated Focus
No Minimum Commitment

Let's get growing!

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Meet Jennine Estes Powell, LMFT

Jennine has run a thriving private therapy practice for over 18 years. Her dedication to her clients and her staff is matched by her passion for helping fellow mental health professionals build a successful business they love.

Through her speaking events, private practice support groups, and individual consultations, Jennine teaches and motivates hundreds of clinicians, inspiring them to believe they have the skills and smarts to grow their businesses. Jennine’s approach focuses on detailed action steps, practical advice, and valuable insights that directly translate into achieving goals and gaining confidence. Working hand in hand with Jennine, you’ll know that you can really do this, and do it well.

It's time to grow. Get started today.

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